We are an online floral consulting service empowering you to create your own wedding flowers!

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So you want to make your own wedding flowers but have no idea where to start? Hi, I’m Alison Fleck, founder of Bloom Culture and I’m your flower cheerleader! (Like a cheer mom but without the yelling.) Our mission is remove all the “unknowns” that come with DIY wedding flowers so you can enjoy the experience from start to finish, have the wedding flowers of your dreams, all at a price point that feels comfortable.


Here’s how it all works…


Schedule a design consultation with a floral expert from our team. It’s done via phone so it doesn’t matter where you live (or if you’re rocking dry shampoo and sweats)! We recommend a consult at least 4-6 months before your wedding.


We’ll help you set a budget, select the flowers you love, figure out how many you need, and write recipes so you know exactly how many stems to use for each wedding design.


With your completed flower list in hand, we’ll set you up with one of our trusted wholesalers to place your order and then, just like Amazon, the flowers will magically arrive at your door so you can start creating!

Anything else you need to know? Visit our FAQ page.