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So you want to make your own wedding flowers but have no idea where to start? Hi, I’m Alison Fleck, founder of Bloom Culture, and I’m your flower cheerleader! I’ll be your cheer mom, but without the yelling!

Our mission is to remove all the “unknowns” that come with DIY wedding flowers so you can enjoy the experience and have the wedding flowers of your dreams, all at a price point that feels comfortable.


Hit the "Book Consult" button to schedule a design consultation with a floral expert from our team. It’s done via phone so it doesn’t matter where you live or if you’re rocking dry shampoo and sweats!


We'll do the hard part (the budgeting, flower selection, recipe writing, planning & ordering) so you can do the fun part—making your wedding flowers!


With your completed flower list in hand, we’ll get you the best flower prices with trusted wholesalers and place your order. Then beautiful, premium flowers will arrive at your door so you can start creating!


Bloom Culture brides can save 50-60% on their flowers compared to using a traditional florist, and 15% more than the average DIY bride.


Floral design is not rocket science

You’re the human, it’s the flower. Standard natural hierarchy here people.


Our tutorials cut the guesswork out and teach you the techniques you need to make your wedding flowers AMAZING. We keep it light and up beat and totally understand that at some point, you’ll think “She made that look SO easy!” but Muscle Up Buttercup and keep going, it’ll all turn out beautifully.

Trust us! We’re the DIY Flower Experts… we won’t leave you hanging.


Trying to decide if you can do your own wedding flowers?

Our DIY Floral Consultations make it easy.

Is this you?

  • I have a rough flower budget but need help spending it wisely!

  • I want to know what flowers look good together (and I have no clue about types of flowers and their names!).

  • I love the idea of making my own flowers, but I’ve never done it before and need an experts’ input!

  • I need to know how many flowers to put in each bouquet and centerpiece.

  • I want all of the flowers to arrive at my front door.

What you’ll get with Bloom Culture: 

  • 45-minute phone consultation with one of our designers.

  • A personalized flower order to match your wedding color scheme and budget.

  • “Flower Recipes” telling you exactly what “ingredients” to use for every design. (It’s just like baking but with flowers. Zero calories!)

  • Complete supplies list of the tools you will need.

  • Timeline for delivery, looking after your flowers, and when to start making the designs.

  • Access to Bloom Culture’s extended database of step-by-step wedding flower tutorials.

  • Beautiful, premium blooms shipped directly to you!

Anything else you need to know? Visit our FAQ page.

We do the hard part, so you can do the fun part.



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