Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t expect you to know it all. that’s our job!

How does The Bloom Culture DIY PROCESS Work?

  • You book your 45 minute consultation with Bloom Culture and we discuss:

  • Budget (it’s okay if you don’t have a clue here, we do!)

  • The look you want for your flowers (colors and varieties).

  • The quantities you’ll need i.e. 5 bridesmaids bouquets, 15 centerpieces, ceremony arch.  

  • After the consultation you gain access to our extended tutorials and we will select your flowers, build your flower recipes, and get a quote for your flowers.

  • Once we know the final cost of your flowers we will email you your complete DIY wedding flower package which includes your floral design and recipes, floral quote (cost of flowers), DIY timeline, and complete supplies list.

  • Once you’ve approved the floral quote, you’ll pay and they will be shipped to your door 3 days prior to your wedding/event!


  • Our couples usually spend between $300 and $3000 on their flowers ($300 being our minimum) but we can help you work within whatever budget you want to spend. No idea on your budget? That’s fine too. We will help you come up with a plan that gets you the look you want at a price that feels comfortable


  • We draw on our 10+ years of experience and connections in the floral industry to give you access to amazing wholesale flowers AND prices that you can only access as a Bloom Culture bride.

  • You can expect to save 60% or more with DIY compared to using a traditional florist (which is HUGE!). By working with Bloom Culture we only order what you need. DIY brides, on average, spend 15% more on flowers than necessary because they don't know what combinations of flowers to order or how many to order (side note: bulk flowers are not always cheaper like you'd expect, rude!).

  • Our experience and knowledge of flowers and their optimal seasons and pricing allow us to make the best recommendations for your flowers to be the most cost efficient for your wedding. In short we know what’s in season, what flowers cost, and how to get you the look you want at a price that fits your budget. We’ll hook you up. (Mic Drop).

Can you give me an idea on what things cost?

  • The below prices are the range you can expect to spend on flowers for each of the listed pieces. These prices can be adjusted up or down depending on how simple or elaborate you would like your designs to be.

        • Bridal Bouquet ~ $99 - $200

        • Bridesmaid Bouquet - $25-$40

        • Bouts & Corsages ~ $3-$8

        • Ceremony Arrangement ~ $50-$75

        • Ceremony Arch/Arbor/Pergola ~ $50-$125 (per grouping)

          • **This one can fluctuate quite a bit from wedding to wedding **

        • Small Centerpiece ~ $15-$25

        • Med Centerpiece  ~ $25 - $50

        • Large Centerpiece  ~ $50 - $75

        • Table Garland (Pre-made) - $15-$20 per liner foot

          • Hand placed greenery to mimic garland ~ $7-$15 (we typically allot 1/2 bunch to 1 bunch of greenery per 8ft)

        • Bud Vases (single stems in bottles/vases) ~ $5

How many flowers will I need? And how will I know what combinations of flowers to put in each bouquet / vase?

  • We will give you a flower recipe for each bouquet/centerpiece you need. Think of a flower recipe the way you would a cooking recipe. It gives you all the ingredients and the quantities you need of those ingredients so that you can make an amazing soufflé... or jello depending on your skill level. Either way, all you have to do is follow the recipe and voila, magic food appears! Same concept, no calories. Below is a sample recipe for a Bridal Bouquet:

    • Sample Bridal Bouquet

      • 4-6 Burgundy Garden Roses

      • 5-7 Dusty Blush Premium Roses

      • 4-6 White Premium Roses

      • 2-3 Spray roses

      • 3-4 Hanging Amaranthus

      • 4-5 White Ranunculus

      • 1/4 Bunch (BU) Eucalyptus

      • 1/4 Bu Salal/Lemon Leaf

    • We will also calculate the stem count from the recipes and generate your floral order. We are a one stop shop and will do all the guesswork for you! (no guessing on our end. We know what we’re doing 😘)

      Want to get acquainted with all the floral “ingredients”? Check out our Library of Flowers Pinterest page to help you out! Or schedule your consult today to take out all the guesswork.

How do I get the flowers and how will I keep them alive?

  • We ship all of our flowers FEDEX Priority overnight.

    • They will need some TLC once they arrive. Check out our “Getting Started” tutorial and we will send our “Floral Care Guide” after our consultation to get you prepared for all the pretty!

    • I know what you're going to say…  don't I need a cooler? Nope! You want your flowers to open up. To aid in the process we suggest reading some light Brené Brown to them, or playing her TED talk on repeat. I read that sh*t once and couldn’t stop opening up to strangers! JK, room temp water in a cool room (but not too cool, between 68-72 is ideal).

Are you sure I’ll have enough flowers? / What if I run out?

  • To steal a slogan from an insurance company, “We’ve seen a thing or two so we know a thing or two”. We’ve been in the floral industry for almost 15 years and know flowers like the back of our hand. You will have an exact recipe so there is no guesswork and we make your floral order off of those recipes and make sure you have exactly what you need (with a little wiggle room). Just stick to the recipes and you’ll be good to go!

What tools will I need and where do I get them?

  • Being a Bloom Culture client you’ll have access to our thorough list of supplies with links to affiliate companies that have the lowest prices. A specific supplies list will be sent to you along with your recipes after our consultation.

How many months in advance do I need to order?

  • We suggest ordering 2-4 months in advance. We will not accept orders less than 3 weeks out from your wedding or event.

I live outside of the US. Can I use your service?

  • We can help you with everything but shipping flowers to you. If you are outside of the US shoot us an email!

Are flowers more expensive at certain times?

  • Yes, flowers are more expensive on holidays and when they are out of season.

  • Avoid these dates as we are closed and do not ship.

    • January 1

    • Martin Luther King Day

    • Memorial Day

    • July 4

    • Labor Day

    • Thanksgiving Day

    • Day After Thanksgiving

    • December 23-27

    • December 30&31

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