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How much a Bridal Bouquet Costs


"How much will it cost me to make my own bridal bouquet?"

Price points will vary depending on the look you're going for, but a general guide is between $100 and $200.

But let's break it down a bit more.

This bouquet is full of specialty flowers and would be considered on the more "pricey" side.

Copy of Recipe1 (1).png
  • * Mauve Lisianthus

  • * Juliette Garden roses

  • Dark Red roses

  • Quicksand Roses

  • White Spray roses

  • * Gomphrena

  • * Astrantia

  • Veronica

  • * Cosmos

Why? Specialty flowers (the one with the asterisk by them) are more pricey for two reasons. They have a higher price point per flower ( $2.00 - $3.00 per stem) and come in smaller bunches, only 10 to a bunch. A garden rose is even more pricey at around $5 -$6 a stem (these sometimes come in a 12 stem bunch and other times a 20 stem bunch, it ranges for some reason). Other less pricey and non-specialty flowers come at a price-point of $1-$2 (carnations I’m looking at you) and have a larger wholesale bunch quantity of about 25 stems per bunch.

But don't fret, we typically only do specialty roses, like the beautiful peach Juliette Garden Roses pictured here, for the bridal bouquet. To help cut down on overall costs, we then use a similarly colored regular rose (at half the cost) for the rest of the wedding. Because we understand that the bouquet (and bride) is usually the most photographed at the wedding, we think it's totally okay to spend a bit more there!

If you’ve got questions, we’ll answer them! Just comment below or shoot us an email!

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The ole Bud Vase Butt Face

True Story: In my local studio I would always say butt faces quickly when referring to bud vases. I would try to see if anyone would notice or catch on. I’m a 5 year old at heart at times and it just made me chuckle. My assistants will attest to my rapier wit (they’d all roll their eyes at this point.)

Photo by Arron Snow Photography

Photo by Arron Snow Photography

photo by Choate House

photo by Choate House

Also, I didn’t realize that so many people didn’t know what bud vases were! These glorious babes are Bud Vases. They give a great bang for your buck as a little goes a long way. They are simple to make, simple to transport and just for the sake of using the same word three times, they make it simple to make your reception feel designed and full. Who knew a bunch of butt faces would come in handy at your wedding (especially when you mix them with other decor like candles OR a homemade sand terrarium!? 🤗)

Check out our Pinterest page dedicated to Bud Vase design! SO many options!

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Easy Boutonniere Hack to keep your Bouts Fresh!

So you’ve made your boutonnieres with help from our Bout tutorial, now here is how I keep them prancy and fresh!

Copy of Style a) Pro Tip (recommended).png

Supplies: Water Tube Picks and Floral foam.
*if you are a Bloom Culture Bride/Client we’ll mail the picks to you FO FREE (just email and ask us to :)

Once you are done constructing your bouquets give them a firm tape and fill the pics with water, stick them in the floral foam and then place your bouts in the water! It’s like a mini vase for your little bouty!

You can always pop them in the fridge until the big day too. You can do these a day or two in advance if you keep them fresh and hydrated! If you want to add ribbon you can easily do that the morning of your event!


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