Empowering DIY Brides is Our Passion


Who we are:

Alison Fleck
Owner, Lead Designer & Consultant

Founded by Martha Stewart Top Floral Designer Alison Fleck 👋, Bloom Culture was created in 2014 out of a desire to encourage creativity and empower people to see that they can arrange their own flowers! Alison was also voted most likely to become a motivational speaker, so there’s that.

Our mission is to remove all the “unknowns” that come with DIY wedding flowers so you can enjoy the experience. We believe making your own wedding flowers is about so much more than simply saving money. It’s about the memories you’ll create making your bouquets with your tribe (which looks different for everyone). It’s about the experience of walking down the aisle feeling like a bad ass because you’re holding something you crafted (those false eyelashes may put a little pep in your step too)! It’s about the beauty, the fun, and the excitement that comes with making such a tangible piece of your wedding!

Our team of floral consultants is made up of experienced designers who know everything there is to know about wedding flowers. They will help you set a budget, determine the best flower varieties to use, and write “flower recipes” that tell you exactly what ingredients you’ll need for every bouquet, centerpiece, boutonniere and more. (It’s just like a baking recipe… but with flowers and no calories, win win) And with all of the prep done, we’ll then set you up to have the flowers delivered direct to your door! We can’t wait to help you create wedding flower magic for your day!

Who we are not:

We are not floral snobs. We are not like that one jerk you dated in college who was in a band that judged every song or band you ever liked. If one of his first questions to you is “what is your favorite band?”, all we have to say is get the H out of there. No matter what flower you like or don’t like, if you listened to Nickelback or Nicklecreek, we’re just here to help you walk down the aisle with quality blooms that you love and most importantly that you’ve created yourself! We’re not in the business of judging you or your flower selections. I mean I (Alison) had a Nickelback phase in my life and I turned out OK…